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Good Luck Dim Sum is a delightful place that offers a satisfying selection of standard dim sum dishes in a clean and pleasant environment. The friendly and attentive staff adds to the overall positive dining experience. One of the standout aspects of this establishment is the excellent value for money, as the prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the food.

Good Luck Dim Sum’s renowned restaurant encapsulates the true spirit of this beloved Chinese culinary tradition. Located in the heart of Richmond, Good Luck guarantee an exceptional dining experience that will keep you coming back for more. Good Luck Dim Sum’s cash-only dim sum bakery offers an extensive array of delectable dishes, from succulent shrimp har gow to flavorful turnip cakes and tantalizing sesame balls, Good Luck have something to satisfy every palate.

Join Good Luck Dim Sum and immerse yourself in a culinary journey that celebrates the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of dim sum. Indulge in the authentic tastes, warm ambiance, and unparalleled service that have made Good Luck Dim Sum a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

Explore Exquisite Menu

Indulge in Good Luck Dim Sum’s extensive menu of standard dim sum dishes, carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and create a memorable dining experience. Step into Good Luck Dim Sum’s clean and welcoming environment and embark on a culinary journey that will transport you to the heart of traditional Chinese cuisine.

Good Luck Dim Sum’s menu boasts a wide array of irresistible options, all offered at unbeatable prices. Delight in the plump and fresh shrimp filling of Good Luck Dim Sum’s signature shrimp hai gow, savor the rich flavors of Good Luck Dim Sum’s pork siu mei, where a generous serving of coarsely minced meat is expertly combined with mushrooms and other savory ingredients. For those seeking a delightful crunch, Good Luck Dim Sum’s crispy and uniformly fried taro fuzz balls are a must-try.

But the star of Good Luck Dim Sum’s menu undoubtedly lies in Good Luck Dim Sum’s BBQ pork steamed bao. Experience the pinnacle of dim sum perfection as you bite into the fluffy outer dough, revealing a generous filling of tender and flavorful meat. It’s a taste sensation that will leave you longing for more.

Treat yourself to the best dim sum experience in town at Good Luck Dim Sum. Good Luck Dim Sum’s menu is a tribute to the authentic flavors and artistry of dim sum, promising a culinary adventure that will captivate your senses and create lasting memories.

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The Best Seller

The best-seller at Good Luck Dim Sum is undoubtedly BBQ pork steamed bao. These buns are a true culinary masterpiece that surpasses expectations with their exceptional taste and quality. Each bun is filled to the brim with a generous amount of tender and flavorful BBQ pork, enclosed within a large, fluffy outer dough.


The combination of the succulent meat and the soft, pillowy texture of the bun creates an explosion of flavors in every bite. The attention to detail and the use of high-quality ingredients shine through, making these buns an absolute crowd favorite. Whether you’re a dim sum enthusiast or a food lover in general, indulging in the BBQ pork steamed bao is a must-try experience. 

Exceptional Amenities

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Immerse yourself in a visual feast of restaurant’s unique and delectable dim sum creations through Good Luck Dim Sum’s captivating photos. Each image tells a story of culinary excellence and showcases the artistry behind restaurant’s dishes. From the soft and pillowy BBQ pork steamed buns, filled with succulent meat and encased in perfectly crafted dough, to the crispy and flavorful shrimp ha gow, each dim sum delight is a work of art.

Restaurant’s photos capture the meticulous attention to detail and outstanding quality that defines Good Luck Dim Sum’s culinary offerings. Explore the vibrant colors, intricate folds, and enticing textures that make restaurant’s dim sum truly exceptional. With every glance, you’ll feel the passion and love Good Luck Dim Sum pour into the art of dim sum, honoring the rich traditions of Chinese cuisine. Join Good Luck Dim Sum on a visual journey through the world of Good Luck Dim Sum. Let Good Luck Dim Sum’s photos transport you to a realm of mouthwatering flavors and culinary artistry. Visit Good Luck Dim Sum and experience the authentic taste and vibrant spirit of traditional Chinese cuisine.

Delivery Policy

While Good Luck currently do not offer delivery service, the restaurant provide a convenient takeaway option to satisfy your dim sum cravings. Good Luck Dim Sum understand the importance of convenience and flexibility in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you’re looking to enjoy restaurant’s delectable dim sum at home, in the office, or on the go, Good Luck Dim Sum’s takeaway service ensures you can savor restaurant’s mouthwatering dishes at your convenience. Simply place your order with us, and Good Luck Dim Sum’s friendly staff will carefully prepare your favorite dim sum items for takeaway.

Please note that Good Luck Dim Sum currently accept only cash payments. Visit Good Luck Dim Sum today and experience the convenience and deliciousness of Good Luck Dim Sum, bringing the flavors of restaurant’s renowned dim sum straight to your fingertips.

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Authentic Dim Sum

August 1, 2023

Fresh, delicious, great value. We always take home enough to freeze for several meals. A few tables inside but mainly takeout so don’t be daunted if there’s a line – it moves fast.

Avatar for Jo C
Jo C

Simply The Best!!

July 23, 2023

I so enjoy the Shrimp Dumplings and the Chive-Shrimp Dumplings from Good-Luck Dim-Sum! I am never disappointed and I always so enjoy these Dumplings. I never consider going anywhere else for these Treats! I Thank You Good Luck Dim-Sum!!!

Avatar for Robinn88

The best dim sum fast food in the nation!

July 11, 2023

Sounds untrue? That is what a Chinese woman from New Jersey told me a year ago when I was in line behind her. I saw her carry away five cake-size boxes from this out-of-Chinatown popular eatery. Those boxes were going on her east-bound plane that afternoon. Located on non-chaotic Clement Street (between 8th and 9th Ave, it is open from 7 am to 6:30 pm, but if you go after 2 pm, some dishes will be gone for the day. I especially like anything with shrimp in it. If you go after 2 pm, some dishes will be sold out. Closed on Tuesdays. It is OK if you both eat in and carry away, because you will probably order too much; it looks so good!

Avatar for 328Myrtis

Delicious Dumplings

June 28, 2023

wandered in here because we saw the line of people. It’s a cafeteria style dim sum, with small, crowded tables in the back, but they also do take out. Highly recommend the shrimp and chive dumplings and the pork shu mai. The line moves very fast.

Avatar for bfdAtlanta


June 3, 2023

This is a great Dim Sum to go place. Some tables to dine in after purchase too. They are by far the best in the neighborhood.

Avatar for Kent3919

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Direction to Good Luck Dim Sum

736 Clement St San Francisco, CA 94118 

JALAN SR 3/1 SEKSYEN 3, Taman Serdang Raya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia